About Nick's America

On Nick’s America, we value as many different perspectives as possible, but that doesn’t mean that we have to agree with it in the least. This is a place where people can agree to disagree. If you get offended by any of our content, we’re sorry, not sorry. Nothing actually happens to you when you get offended.

Welcome to Nick’s America, where we just want people to think for themselves regardless of perspective. Hopefully those thoughts are based in facts, but opinions and theories about politics, society and philosophy are wanted as well. International topics will also be included among the conversation to be had on this site, as well as topics pertaining to sports.

Wherever the news takes us is where we will go.

We’re about the United States of America. This platform doesn’t exist to promote any kind of “vision” for the U.S. It’s simply a place where news can be interpreted using common sense, reason and logic. Of course, Nick’s America is also a place where we can talk about pretty much anything as candidly as possible. Future guests with different takes are more than welcome here.

Conversations can get heated at times, and while we understand that civility is key to a substantive dialogue, sometimes talking a little smack is not only fun, but needed.

The bottom line is that Nick’s America is for people that just get “it,” whatever “it” means.

A broad, robust dialogue — whether you agree with it or not — is the foundation of Nick America. Enjoy!

— Nick 

P.S. We’re offended that you’re offended. 



Is Nick’s America merely a vehicle to push Nick’s “vision” for the country?

No. Nick’s America, as described in the “About” section, is a website to interpret current events — whether they be political, societal, philosophical or comical. Nick loves to hear input from everyone, whether they agree with him or not, as long as it remains relatively civil.

Do I have to be a “conservative” to enjoy Nick’s America?

No, but if you want to actually like the content you view on our site you should at least like the country you live in. Globalists will only be pointed at and made fun of — kidding, but you get the point.

In reality, you just have to have an open mind to different ideas, opinions and theories. You don’t have to agree, just understand that not everyone thinks exactly like you.

If I don’t like something on the website, content or otherwise, how do I contact Nick’s America to let them know?

You can contact us at . Constructive criticisms and positive feedback only. If it’s merely to talk smack, please do that in the comment sections of our videos. We’ll probably just ignore those types of emails…unless they’re funny enough to be ridiculed in a subsequent video. In that case, your email address won’t be publicized. We’re dicks, but not heartless.

What is 2 + 2?

Four. The answer is always four. Common core is for idiots making excuses for their stupidity.