Career Politicians Created Problems Like What's Happening in Afghanistan

Career Politicians Created Problems Like What's Happening in Afghanistan
27th Aug, 2021 7:17pm

I know how I feel about the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, but I’m not exactly sure how I should feel about said situation — if that makes sense.

Of course, before I go on any further, I can say with all sincerity that the Biden regime — and I refer to it as a regime, because they could give a rat’s ass about any kind of Constitutional Republic — is a complete and total failure. And you’ve seen all these liberals in the past few months talk about how they regret voting for Biden when the people who were adamantly against a Biden regime tried to tell them it was a very bad idea — that things like this would happen.

But, no. Our advice and concerns were just chalked up to being brainwashed supporters of Donald Trump. 

And just for context, I voted third party in 2016, because I didn’t think that Trump would either be as conservative as he was putting out there or would follow through on much of what he said. Let me put it this way, I didn’t like the media darling version of Trump pre-2015. I was never a big fan. But right after he won in 2016, the first thing I said was, “I hope he proves me wrong.”

And he did. That’s why I voted for him in 2020. You have to earn my vote, and prior to 2016 he had no track record to justify punching the ticket for him.

But, I’m glad he proved me wrong. The country was all the better during his presidency, although, you’d never know it from the ‘he-never-does-anything-good’ coverage by the establishment media.

That being said, much like Trump said in his Thursday evening address on Fox News’ “Hannity,” what happened in Afghanistan “would not have happened if I were your president.”

And I firmly believe it wouldn’t have.

Trump’s deal with the Taliban, which many on the left like to bring up in order to take the heat off of Biden, in no way contributed to what eventually occurred in Kabul on Thursday.

The deal had contingencies in place that, should the Taliban break, the Trump administration would’ve made them pay the price. If Biden had just stuck to that plan of leaving by May 1st, instead of trying to put his stamp on things by changing the date — which in turn broke the original agreement with the Taliban — we might not have been in this mess in the first place. To be fair, Biden and his puppet masters probably would’ve found some other way to screw things up.

Biden’s attempts at every turn to try and erase anything associated with Trump cost him dearly. And it cost at least 13 U.S. Marines their lives, along with many civilians who were casualties of the Kabul terror attacks.

But despite Biden’s claims, he gives not one shit about saving any number of American lives. All Biden and his ilk care about are how many people they can fool into voting for them and keeping them in the positions where they can dictate how to live to others.

Consider former Marine and radio host Jesse Kelly’s take on the situation.

"I know for a fact, either mothers or wives or somebody like that, they’re getting a phone call tonight or will be getting a phone call shortly. And they’re going to find out, ‘husband’s never coming home again, daddy’s never coming home again, my son’s never coming home again.

And I know for a fact, the scumbags in the White House who run this country, they’re sitting around a table as we speak — and they’re not worried about mommy, they’re not worried about daddy, they’re not worried about that kid — they haven’t shed a single tear for anybody. They’re worried about poll numbers, Tucker. They’re worried what polls well: ‘How we doing with middle-aged women. And how do you think we did with black people tonight?’"

Absolutely. 100 percent. Those are facts.

If you actually think for one second that establishment politicians give one damn about you or any other American’s life, I’ve got beach front property in Nebraska to sell you.

As I mentioned earlier, these parasites feeding off the rest of us only worry about one thing — power. With power comes the money and the notoriety and the influence they so desperately crave.

Do you really think career politicians like Biden or Mitch McConnell or Nancy Pelosi or Lindsey Graham or Chuck Schumer were as authoritarian as they are now compared to when they first started their careers?

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That’s as true now as it was whenever it was first said over a century ago.

As far as saying all this, and with these things I tend to write the way I would say this stuff to all of you if we were one on one, how did this mini-therapy session make me feel about the situation in Afghanistan?

It pisses me off. Not like the radical Islamic terror attacks on 9/11 pissed me off, which was to say — like a lot of Americans at the time — ‘Let’s go to war and kill these bastards.’ But it pisses me off in a way that makes me question whether our current government deserves the respect to adhere to any edicts, mandates, suggestions, advice or guidance they might bestow upon us.

If they couldn’t even handle a ready-made withdrawal from a shithole country like Afghanistan, why should I trust them to follow their “guidance” on my individual health or whether or not I should inject myself with something just because they say so based on “following the science" that they never expand upon beyond saying the phrase?

No, friends. The debacle that has been Afghanistan over the past couple of weeks has made me even more concrete in my stance that the government, federal or local, can no longer be trusted.