Does Our Society Even Try to Work for Us Anymore? Or Does It Actively Work Against Us?

Does Our Society Even Try to Work for Us Anymore? Or Does It Actively Work Against Us?
6th Oct, 2021 2:10am

Sometimes you look at society and wonder, 'What exactly is the problem?' Are there genuine injustices? Yes. Does racism exist? Yes. Are there men that take advantage of women? Yes. Are there women that take advantage of men? Yes. 

The serious question comes in when you take a good hard look at things and ask yourself, 'Are the problems as bad as "they" say?' The honest answer is no. Hear me out, and this is coming from the American perspective -- because that's what I am. And you might think I'm over-simplifying some of the issues here, but this is more philosophical, so getting into the nuts and bolts of each issue isn't the main objective here.

How many of the "social issues" that we supposedly face today are manufactured? The answer to that is the vast majority.

When it comes to race, there are still injustices towards ALL races that really only get examined by a large swath of society as long it affects the pre-approved oppressed races. Are the KKK still marching down the street in large numbers calling for whatever kind of "purity" they think is correct? No, and I'm glad they're not. Screw 'em, and any other racist organization, regardless of the color they purport to represent. And if there's even a hint of a large of group of white people that do plan on some kind of protest -- unless it's the Women's March -- it's considered "far-right" or a "white supremacist" or "white nationalist" event. 

But this isn't the take from a majority of black people. It's the take of the establishment media, crooked politicians and bubble-trapped celebrities on behalf of black people, as if black people can't stick up for themselves.

Our society might be "systemically racist," but not in the way that the echo-chamber on Twitter would have you believe. It's those same people in media, the same dishonest politicians and the reality-deficient Hollywood cult that perpetuates these things.

It's the same when it comes to the separation that those same entities have created between men and women. The wage gap is a myth, but they still push it as if it's true. They'll call for equality for women, while at the same time giving awards to women that used to be men. It's almost as if they're saying that men even do a better job of being women than actual women. They'll tell you that the deck is stacked against women, but every mortality issue -- particularly suicide -- disproportionately affects men. That doesn't mean that women aren't affected by suicide, but men commit suicide at a far higher rate.

Basically, what I'm trying to say with all this is that it's all bullshit. It's designed to keep us at each other's throats, because they know the old adage of "united we stand, divided we fall" very well. And we the people fall for their shit all the time. I'm guilty of it at times, too. We're only human, but they treat us like cattle.

We pay for the lives they lead, and yet, to them, we're just numbers on a spreadsheet that all too often get in their way.

These are just some thoughts I'm having at the moment, and I thought I'd share them with you.

The main question to all of the manufactured "problems" is...why? Why do they do what they do to us? Why do they do it with such ferocity? And why do they feel the right to do it using our money?

Of course, the easy answer is power and money. I always say, "follow the money and you'll get your answers." And most times, it's true. But when they already have most of the money and pretty much all of the power, what's left that's in it for them? 

Could it be as simple as them thinking that they're bored, so they're fucking with us for the pleasure of it? Could it be as simple as them thinking that since they have all this power, what can they do to take what's left of our freedoms? Could it be as simple as them wanting absolutely everything for themselves? Or could it be as simple as them just being plain evil?

That last question might seem far-fetched for some, but think about it. Typically, what makes you root for one entity over another in a movie, TV show or a book? It's the dichotomy of good versus evil. So, is it so far-fetched to think that they could be that evil entity that wants to watch the world burn? And if that's the case, to what end? 

We may never truly know the answer to some of these questions. But, what we do know is that the society the "establishment" has set up, using our resources mind you, simply doesn't work for us, the people, anymore.

So what do we do?

I can't answer that for sure, but I do think that in the next year to three years something is going to push the people to a boiling point. I don't know what action that comes from getting to that point looks like. I just don't think that this is sustainable -- to use a climate alarmist catchphrase -- anymore.

I truly only want the best for people. But people need to wake up to the FACT that the people we elect -- even most of the people we like to think we "believe" in -- either can't or won't do anything that helps us, at least in the long term. 

We, the people, need to unite once more to form a more perfect union than the one the bureaucrats of the Divided States of America have built in their own image. 

Just some thoughts for now on what I see happening around us. Thought I'd share.