Even the British Know Biden is a Failure

Even the British Know Biden is a Failure
31st Aug, 2021 1:09am

Non-Biden voters and supporters told everyone that these kinds of failures would happen. We warned anyone that would listen. But allegedly, 81 million some odd people voted for the old racist windbag. We told them, and they - maybe -  voted for him anyway. The debacle in Afghanistan alone should be grounds for removal from office.

Think whatever you'd like about former President Donald Trump, but he couldn't have fucked things up this bad no matter how much bad advice he got from people who he shouldn't have been surrounded with in the first place.

You know the president is a screw up when politicians from the authoritarian state that is Britain chide you for being such an embarrassing failure.

David Maclean, otherwise known as Lord Blencathra in the House of Lords in British Parliament, gave one of the most scathing rebukes of President Joe Biden I've ever heard or seen a foreign politician give a sitting U.S. president.

Read for yourselves:

My Lords, all my life I have been pro-American and favourably disposed to the United States, but not any more at this moment. What Biden has done in Afghanistan will go down in ignominy as one of the most shameful and despicable acts of betrayal by any American President. Tens of thousands of men will be slaughtered, thousands of young girls forced to marry these Taliban brutes and 14 million women driven back into slavery. Afghanistan was emerging into the light with freedoms for women and children, who will now be ruled with 500 year-old barbaric religious laws. That is Biden’s legacy. He cannot blame it on Trump; Biden boasted that in his first 100 days he issued a record 24 executive orders, all of which were direct reversals of Trump policies. He should have listened to his generals and changed this policy also. This is not like Saigon; it is far worse. First, the retaliation against the population by Islamist fanatics is likely to be far greater than what the North Vietnamese did to the beaten south. Secondly, the appalling humanitarian crisis described in this House today will centre on Afghanistan but the terrorist consequences of this US sell-out will affect us all. The Viet Cong had no agenda outside Vietnam but Afghanistan is now under the control of Islamist fanatics who want to wage war on every western democracy. … Biden has put America back, all right—back into the bunker. The lesson for China is this: play a long game and America will not have the stomach to stick it out. China is a threat to world peace, but how can we now trust the US to lead the long battle against it? Biden may have condemned the world to Chinese domination in future and the end of western liberal democracy.

I'm not sure how you can read that and not come to the conclusion that - in just seven months, mind you - Biden has not only weakened our standing in the world, but placed a Scarlett Letter on our country.

I, myself, could not have put into words Biden's failure in Afghanistan any better than Maclean.  I refuse to call him Lord anything, because I don't live in an authoritarian state...well, kinda.

From the moment the situation in Afghanistan became clear, that the Taliban were going to take over that country, I said that this is much worse than what happened in Saigon.

And Maclean is dead on-point with his assessment of how China is going to and has already taken advantage of the Biden regime's repeated blunders in Afghanistan. 

I've used former Marine and radio host Jesse Kelly's recent appearance on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" as an example before, but his take on how U.S. enemies will take said advantage of Biden's Afghanistan failures is also spot on.

"This is an embarrassment. This is an international embarrassment," Kelly told host Tucker Carlson last week. "I can't even imagine what the military planners in China are pouring into the ears of [Communist Chinese ruler] Xi Jinping right now. Because I have to be honest, if I were them, I'd be landing on the shores of Taiwan tomorrow knowing we have a half-dead person in the White House."

Is he wrong? I don't think so. Let's say, hypothetically, the Communist Chinese government instructed their military to do just that - land on the shores of Taiwan. Do you really think Beijing Biden, or the people that are in charge of him, would do anything about it? Highly doubtful.

When politicians in other countries make more sense than 99 percent of the politicians in your own country - including the president - you know you might have a problem on your hands.