LA Times Drags Calif. Recall Candidate Larry Elder's Name Through the Mud...But Why?

LA Times Drags Calif. Recall Candidate Larry Elder's Name Through the Mud...But Why?
24th Aug, 2021 7:21pm

If you watched Monday evening's edition of the Timcast IRL podcast, or you watch clips from the show, you would've seen or listened to a conversation had about how the Los Angeles Times (LA Times) has been setting their sights on disparaging California gubernatorial recall candidate Larry Elder as much as they can.

The proof is in the pudding when you take a look at the LA Times Twitter feed, which includes retweets of others promoting the Times' own content, but also tweets from others promoting their content:

The article below was part of a thread in which the Times included the same hit piece on Elder four times, with an extra hit piece and a quote thrown in for good measure:

And, the Times tweeted out the same "State Officials Open Investigation..." article a little more than a half hour before the extended thread above. But, I'm not going to post those, because you get the point...

The coastal California media, particularly their biggest news outlet, really hates Larry Elder. Now, the question is why?

Is it because Elder is running as a Republican? Is it because he holds conservative and Libertarian values? Is it because he believes that our rights and capabilities were given to us by God? Which, is a big no-no on the coast these days.

Or, and stay with me here, is it because Larry Elder is a black Republican?

I mean, just look at the title of this racist article written by Erika D. Smith for the LA Times, "Column: Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. You've been warned."

Notice how "Black" is capitalized and "white" isn't. So who's the racist?

Elder participated in the excellent documentary, "Uncle Tom," which I have watched more than once. In the trailer for the documentary, he explains how the establishment left and the elitist media use the "Uncle Tom" slur to categorize black people who lean right-of-center.

“An ‘Uncle Tom’ is somebody who has ‘sold out’ by embracing the white man,” Elder said.

Elder spoke with The Epoch Times' American Thought Leaders YouTube channel in June of 2020 about the movie. But, Elder brought up great points in general that also apply to the film.

All the movie asks is that, ‘In America, don’t you have the right to your own opinion, especially if it’s a well thought out opinion?’ And why would you have a well thought out opinion be denounced because of your race as reflective of a sellout? Of somebody who’s an ‘Uncle Tom,’ who wished bad things to happen to fellow members of his own race? What is the logic behind that? 

Does that sound like someone who's not playing with a full deck? Or someone that's being painted as so irrational they shouldn't even be allowed on the recall ballot?

I've only met Elder once, and he wouldn't remember me if we met again, but I can say that he treated me with respect and courtesy in the brief moments we were in each other's company. That goes a long way with me in terms of knowing who the man is behind the campaign or public persona. What you see, generally, is what you get with Elder.

Sure, it's very important to know where someone stands on the issues that affect all of us. But in order to know if that man, or woman, will carry out the promises that they make concerning said issues on the campaign trail, you have to know whether the character of the person is one that would enable you to at least somewhat trust they're people of their word.

Let's put it this way. Would you trust the word of someone like current Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) - a man who places edicts on his subjects (the people of California) while eating out at expensive restaurants and not adhering to said edicts at the same time? Or would you trust someone who debates public policy, social issues, educational issues, economic issues and much more as his job, while also being someone who - by all accounts - is a man of his word when it comes to helping others and the people he makes promises to?

Whether they know it or not, Elder would vastly benefit the people on the coast of California, while also being an answer to the prayers of those in the eastern half of California who don't want to leave the state because it's their home.

This isn't some ad campaign for Larry Elder. No one is paying me to say any of these things about him, trust me. All I can do is take stock of the measure of the man and gather that he would be a vast improvement over the American Psycho-esque clown that currently resides in the governor's mansion.