The Rittenhouse Trial: What We Learned, What It Means & Where We Go From Here

The Rittenhouse Trial: What We Learned, What It Means & Where We Go From Here
20th Nov, 2021 3:53pm

So, by now we've all heard about the NOT GUILTY verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse trial. I figured - if anyone cares - I'd give my two cents on what happened and where we go from here, because it wasn't just Rittenhouse on trial, it was the 2nd Amendment and the right to defend yourself.

First, let me just say it was a long last couple of weeks. I've never watched so much courtroom coverage in my life. I took it upon myself to watch as much as I could to be the resident go-to guy in terms of coverage of the trial at my day job. I have to give huge props to Nick Rekieta, the YouTuber who livestreamed coverage of the trial with legal analysis by actual law experts as it was going on. Brilliant. I understand so much more about our legal system and how the law is supposed to work due to those fine people, like Rekieta, Viva Frei, Alyte and more. 

And congrats to Rekieta for crushing establishment media outlets and their live coverage. The more people found out about his livestreams, the more they ditched the corporate media. Bravo!

I thought the most knowledgeable person in that courtroom was Judge Bruce Schroeder. The attorneys for both the prosecution and the defense made so many mistakes in this trial, obviously the prosecution made more, that they almost dumb-lucked into proving what the rest of us could see with our own eyes by actually watching the footage that was available.

The prosecution made the defense's case in the first half of this trial, while the defense missed opportunity after opportunity to object to clearly objectionable tactics being used by the opposition. The judge had to step in a few times and argue with the prosecution about their methods.

It was almost as if both teams of attorneys were trying to push for a mistrial despite the video evidence showing the truth of what happened. And yes, the prosecution actually tried, and was successful to a degree, in submitting computer-altered footage as evidence against Rittenhouse. They literally tried to CGI their way to a guilty verdict when all other aspects of their case failed.

Bottom line in terms of the actual case, the kid acted in self-defense, pure and simple. I'm not sure how you actually watch the footage, listen to the testimony that was given - both by the prosecution and the defense's witnesses -- and come up with any other conclusion. 

And this isn't a case of bias at all. Okay, maybe it is, but not the way you think.

I'm not biased towards Rittenhouse in this case because he might ascribe to same political leanings that I do. Politics has nothing to do with my bias. I'm biased towards my brain, my eyes and my ears. I'm biased towards people who try to do the right thing in the face of tremendous adversity. I'm biased towards what the actual law of the land states and whether or not the person being tried violated any of those laws. 

Plus, while I've never really been in an area where there was rioting going on at the time I was there, I have had numerous interactions with the people that eventually do those things -- Antifa, BLM, etc. I was there in Washington D.C. on the day of Trump's inauguration. I saw the people that only 10-20 minutes after I left the area smash up a Starbucks in some of the infamous video from that day. But this isn't about me. I'm just giving a hint that I've had experiences with these people, and let me tell you, if they're not in groups -- or a mob, if you like -- they're cowards. Why do you think the people that attacked Rittenhouse did so despite Rittenhouse being armed?

Because Rittenhouse was by himself at the time and they had numbers. Criminals, like Rosenbaum, like Grosskreutz, like Huber, don't really think things through when they get their fascistic rage boiling and they simply want to destroy things -- no matter whether they're businesses or people.

They weren't mad that Rittenhouse was holding a firearm. They clearly didn't care about that, because they chased him down while he had it. They were mad that Rittenhouse was helping entities in the area. He tried to help protect a business. He came to aid of people who were hurt. And he made the biggest cardinal sin of them all, he put out fires -- the very fires that people like the offending three above set in order to promote chaos and hurt others for a false narrative, the only kind they know how to understand.

And that brings us to the motivation of this entire event, Jacob Blake.

Let me just get this off my chest. They can trot him out in all the wheelchairs they want. They can interview his dad about how he feels about the Rittenhouse verdict. They can get sound bites and tweets from all the lying politicians, celebrities and athletes they want. Let me make this very clear.


He's a rapist. He's a sexual and domestic abuser. He had a restraining order against him, violated it and was violent on the day the cops were called to scene. Blake didn't give one shit that the cops showed up, so much so that he went to his car to grab a knife to possibly do more harm. 

That son of a bitch is lucky he's still alive. I don't wish anyone dead, so I'm not saying that in a way that intimates I wish he was. He's lucky that the shots he received from the officer didn't kill him. Is that good enough clarification for everyone's delicate sensibilities?

As for Antifa, Black Lives Matter and all the other race hustlers, they should be dragged in front of a judge and convicted of their culpability in inciting and carrying out a riot.

We have all these assholes that say, 'Well, if Rittenhouse had just stayed home none of this would've happened.' Bullshit.

It may not have happened exactly the way it did. But it wouldn't have prevented all the business from being burned down. It wouldn't have prevented the over $50 million in damage that was done after Blake was justifiably shot. And it wouldn't have prevented people like the three assholes I mentioned above from assaulting someone else and possibly killing them.

So where do we go from here? 

First, I just have to say that the verdict was a massive win for the 2nd Amendment, self-defense and the justice system. It still works if allowed to.

Second, and finally, Rittenhouse needs to find himself better attorneys and sue the shit out of every single establishment media outlet and every single politician that painted this kid out to be some kind of "white supremacist" murderer -- that Rittenhouse only went there to kill people. 

And save the biggest lawsuit for "President" Joe Biden. That bastard still shit on Rittenhouse after the verdict was delivered, even though he had falsely labeled the kid as a white supremacist over a year ago. Why did he do that? Because he was running for president, trying to gain the votes of the fringe, far-left activists who carry out the burning of businesses, carry out the assault of innocent people and carry out the assault against freedom in the U.S.

I'm not even kidding when I say that Rittenhouse should save the biggest lawsuit for Beijing Biden. Sue him for $1 trillion. No joke.

The Biden regime doesn't seem to have a problem just printing trillions of dollars whenever they want to push communism, so suing for a measly trillion dollars should be nothing for them cough up, right? I mean, it's not like it's going to cost the taxpayers a dime, like they always like to tell everyone when they push their communist bills.

Obviously I don't think Rittenhouse would be awarded that much money, but it's the principle of the thing. Make it sting.

For those that know, I'm not really telling you anything new that you already didn't know. This is just my final analysis of everything we just experienced in the last few weeks.

All I know is that justice was served.