This Week In Stupid #4: Texas Shooter's GoFundMe & Madonna's Gross Ass

This Week In Stupid #4: Texas Shooter's GoFundMe & Madonna's Gross Ass
9th Oct, 2021 2:16pm

Hey, everybody. Happy weekend! This is something I've doing just to get a few things off my chest at the end of a long week -- you know, having to watch the establishment blather on and on and on and on and on about how they're saving democracy and America and the world and your health and all the other bullshit they don't actually care about.

Welcome back for the fourth installment of This Week In Stupid (TWIS).

So the first thing we need to talk about is this young MAN in Texas -- he's 18 -- who decided to shoot some people at his school because he claims he was bullied. I'm not going to use his name, because fuck him. Yep, that's how I feel about it.

His family have been doing the media rounds acting like this dude who did the shooting is the victim, downplaying and not even apologizing to the people their demon spawn shot, including a teacher. They claim that he only did what he did in self-defense, and he's already out on bail.

But January 6 trespassers have been held without bail and court dates. Maybe this family should check their "privilege."

Now, this piece of shit's family and friends reportedly tried to set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for therapy for him, because they say he's traumatized. If he was that "traumatized," they wouldn't have paraded him in front of cameras after he was bailed out of jail.

They were asking to raise $25,000, but GoFundMe -- in one of an actually justified instance -- removed the pledge page from their site. The young MAN shot people, or maybe his family forgot that little tidbit -- the establishment media certainly did.

The trauma claim stems not from the shooting or the alleged bullying, but because his father died.

On the now-removed GoFundMe, a plea from the young MAN's mother said that his father was "brutally beaten" to death and that the young MAN was recently robbed at gun point. She also claims that in the fight with the 15-year-old who allegedly bullied him, the young MAN never struck the 15-year-old.

Both of the parties in the fight had dreads, so it's difficult to say who the aggressor was and who was on the receiving end of the beating. To be fair to the suspect, Arlington Police confirmed that the young MAN who carried out the shooting was the one in the video taking the beating.

See for yourself:

Either way, it's sad.

Don't get me wrong. I'm in no way condoning bullying. I was bullied all through high school, despite my size. It was mostly from other students who were probably trying to prove something by picking on the bigger kid. But I never responded because I didn't want to get in trouble with the school or my parents, because I didn't know my own strength and what I was capable of if I had responded. 

However, it never even entered my mind to go to the lengths that this young MAN did. Bullying or whatever else is no excuse to do what he did.

I understand the mother trying to protect her child, but to be as remorseless as she seems and try to make her son the victim in this situation -- in my opinion -- makes her an accessory to attempted murder.

And if this young MAN was being bullied because he and his family had and could afford things other kids and their families couldn't, then why the GoFundMe? Pay for it yourselves.

That's why this situation makes it into this week's TWIS, simply for the audacity to ask for money for a criminal. Maybe they saw what happened in the George Floyd situation and the Jacob Blake situation and figured that criminals are now, somehow, sympathetic characters.

Maybe they'll build a statue to him someday. Unbelievable. 

I know people have some weird fetishes nowadays, but who really wants to see grandma grind around on The Tonight Show desk?

Well, that's exactly what we got this week when 63-year-old "pop singer" and all around gross human being Madonna shook her ass -- literally -- in front of Jimmy Fallon.

Madonna was on the show to promote her new documentary "Madame X," and while I generally can't stand Madonna, there was a part of the interview where I agreed with her and Fallon -- before she began her grotesque -- I mean burlesque -- show.

They argued -- correctly -- that new pop stars think what they're doing is edgy and new, while not giving credit to Madonna who did the same things at least 30 years prior. The schtick is nothing new, but they try and sell it like it is. That I can agree with.

The thing I can't agree with -- and it's not like I'm some kind of uber-conservative prude or something -- is when she decided to grind her ass on The Tonight Show desk, where even Jimmy Fallon eventually tried to cover her up. 

Sorry, maybe people -- and I might just be speaking for myself here -- wanted to see that 30-35 years ago from Madonna, but I'm pretty sure no one asked for this from her in 2021.

Just...just see look (Note: I'm sorry):


Again, to be fair, it didn't last that long and it wasn't even really risque. But, I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong here. She said she wants to disturb the peace "in a good way," and I'm all for art. But modern art isn't really art anymore, and maybe that's because most things have already been done and better. 

I guess it just freaks me out that that someone who could even be my mother is basically prancing around in lingerie acting like she's still 20 -- or even 40.


I wonder if she still thinks "an awful lot about blowing up the White House?" 

Well, that's it for this week, folks. I hope you enjoyed going through some of things that pissed me off and were particularly stupid from the week that was. Until next time, just remember, the stupid are just entertainment for those who know better.

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