This Week In Stupid #6: Chappelle/Netflix Trans Organizer Outed as Racist, Homophobe

This Week In Stupid #6: Chappelle/Netflix Trans Organizer Outed as Racist, Homophobe
23rd Oct, 2021 4:05pm

Hey, everybody. Happy weekend! This is something I've been doing just to get a few things off my chest at the end of a long week -- you know, having to watch the establishment blather on and on and on and on and on about how they're saving democracy and America and the world and your health and all the other bullshit they don't actually care about.

Welcome back for the sixth installment of This Week In Stupid (TWIS).

(Writer's Note: I'd like to give a little nod to Nerdrotic and the Friday Night Tights gang for bringing this up during last night's livestream.)

There had been some speculation that the dudes who organized the trans Netflix walkout, using legendary comedian Dave Chappelle's "The Closer" special as an excuse, were only doing so to gain notoriety, money and power. I watched the parts of the "protest" live, and the way they actually said this whole thing was less about Chappelle -- even though they mentioned him every chance they could -- and more about "representation" and clout for the trans community, had myself and other questioning their motives.

One of the "transformer" organizers in particular, Ashlee Marie Preston, even downplayed the whole reason that the protest was being held in the first place -- Dave Chappelle.

Here's a picture of Preston at the event, wagging her Arsenio Hall finger, followed by her hypocritical comments about the whole thing not being about Chappelle while being about Chappelle:


"We are the idea generators, we are the innovators, we are the fore leaders of thought. And so, we have to protect that. So that's why we're here today, just to be clear. Dave Chappelle doesn't get to suck all of the light out of that. We're not even here to acknowledge him. As far as I'm concerned, his comedy's been dry since the early 2000s. He's not the Chappelle I loved when I grew up. I used to worship Dave Chappelle. I used to admire the fire in his mind, the outside thinking. Like, he thought outside box, and he was someone that I actually looked up to. But, he's clearly sold himself. And so, since he can't do the right thing, then I'm here to talk to his master today. And those are the people who sign the paycheck. And so, if you invest money in that direction, then you lose it in this direction."

Let me get this straight...or trans, I guess. They're not there to "acknowledge" Chappelle, but the whole reason why they held this thing is because Netflix invested money in Chappelle, who made jokes that they didn't like, right? Got it.

Now we know the level or intelligence and ego we're dealing with here.

Well, it turns out, according to Bounding Into Comics, that Preston is a giant racist -- especially against Asian people -- who also likes to use the anti-gay slur "faggot"...a lot.

Now, she has a problem with Chappelle's use of freedom of speech, but has no problem throwing racist and homophobic slurs around like Dr. Fauci likes to throw out "misinformation" to the public. The other "f-word" -- "fuck" will always be THE f-word -- was commonly used back in the day not just as a slur against gay people, but a general insult that didn't necessarily have anything to do with being a slight towards gay people themselves.

However, that's not how Preston used it when tweeting about others in years past. Preston reportedly began "transitioning" around the age of 19, about 18 years ago. So, the tweets in question came about after his/her "process" began.

Just so you know the extent of Preston's actual bigotry, here are screenshots of a compilation of tweets saved from his/her Twitter past, which can be found in the Bounding Into Comics article.



And those are apparently just some of the "offending" tweets. Who talks like that? I say some crazy shit every now and then, but who says shit like this in public, let alone on Twitter for the whole world to see? There's also a difference between making jokes, which non-racists make toward every segment of the population, and the jokes or straight-up pointed comments directed at specific people by true racists in order to denigrate them for a characteristic beyond their control.

Things like this make this whole situation abundantly clear. This had nothing to do with being offended by Chappelle's special, especially when you take into account that most of those who took offense probably didn't watch it or didn't really care what was in it. All they needed was the mention of the "trans community," and they used the situation as a way to procure future jobs and financial gain for themselves simply for identifying as who they claim to be.

This has nothing to do with talent or being good at your job and not being recognized for the work. This is completely about getting paid without having to do much except dress up like a woman in order to use it as an excuse for why they're not at the heights people like Chappelle have reached.

The world isn't against trans people. Shit, the minute Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner she was on every magazine cover, doing interviews with every outlet and being given awards for something that isn't really an accomplishment.

The world isn't against gay people. The world isn't against lesbians. The world isn't against any other letter of the Alphabet Mafia they want to throw at us -- well, unless you're in the Middle East. In that case, just don't go near the tops of buildings.

It's 2021. No one gives a shit what you "identify" as anymore. And even if someone disagrees with a certain lifestyle, the vast majority of people aren't going to criticize you for it. 

There are those that do act violently or ignorantly towards every segment of the population, and there are people in every segment of the population that act that way. We call them assholes. They're not the majority. Most people just want to live their lives as they see fit, usually within some level of moral code, and be left alone.

These days, the only people who ever seem to try take things or your livelihood or your humanity away from you -- besides government -- are those on Twitter or in "cancel culture," a term which has been played out. Cancel culture is just another minority segment of the population we can chalk up to being assholes.

Which means, yes, assholes can even exist in the Alphabet Mafia -- as evidence by Ashlee Marie Preston.

Well, that's it for this week, folks. I hope you enjoyed going through some of things that pissed me off and were particularly stupid from the week that was. Until next time, just remember, the stupid are simply entertainment for those who know better.

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