This Week In Stupid #7: Trans Netflix, 'Eternals' DOA? & The Never-Ending Jabs

This Week In Stupid #7: Trans Netflix, 'Eternals' DOA? & The Never-Ending Jabs
30th Oct, 2021 4:02pm

Hey, everybody. Happy weekend! Happy Halloween! This is something I've been doing just to get a few things off my chest at the end of a long week -- you know, having to watch the establishment blather on and on and on and on and on about how they're saving democracy and America and the world and your health and all the other bullshit they don't actually care about.

Welcome back for the seventh installment of This Week In Stupid (TWIS).

I'm not going to spend too much time on this first one, because all of us who know better already know how we feel about the Dave Chappelle/Netflix/Trans community situation. It's just that two of the idiots who originally organized the manufactured outrage as a result of Chappelle's "The Closer" stand-up special won't go away until they get their payday.

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that "fired Netflix program manager B. Pagels-Minor and suspended senior software engineer Terra Field" are going to file charges of "unfair labor practices" against Netflix for the fallout that occurred after they allegedly disrupted some kind of higher-up meeting and also allegedly leaked financial information about Chappelle's payout for the latest special and Netflix, itself.

"Netflix engaged in the above activity to quell employees from speaking up about working conditions including, but not limited to, seeking to create a safe and affirming work environment for Netflix employees, speaking up about Netflix’s products and the impact of its product choices on the LGBTQ+ community, and providing support for employees whom Netflix has treated in an unlawful and disparate manner," attorney Laurie M. Burgess, some ambulance chaser looking to cash in on the controversy as well, said.


Look, everybody should be allowed the opportunity to make something of themselves and live this life -- the only one you get -- the best way they can. But, the key word there is "opportunity." You are not entitled to "representation" or "inclusion" or whatever other bullshit just because you're dressing like a woman now or because of the color of your skin or any other reason.

If you really want to make it in this life, you need to EARN it. At least that's what we thought and were always told.

Nowadays, all you have to do is play the victim well enough to earn a payday that will support your delusions or perversions or help you accomplish whatever you think is "meaningful change." I always love when they trot out that last bit of BS.

This possible lawsuit against Netflix is the cherry on top of the cake of what most of us thought this was about pretty early on in this needless saga -- money, power and influence.

The "transformers" kinda realize at this point that they're probably not going to get the people they want cancelled, cancelled. But by winning a possibly lawsuit, they can extract money out of this issue, which in turn would grant them a little slice of power by saying the courts backed them up on this situation when the lawsuit has nothing really to do with Chappelle other than revealing his financials on the project in question. 

And while the influence part might not manifest itself in terms of making future determinations on content within Netflix, it will gain them the influence so many vapid, vein people want these days -- social media clout, whatever that's really worth.

Their 15 minutes is almost up, and this possible lawsuit proves that they know it, too. 

This next level of stupid is more of the virtue-signaling Hollywood variety.

I was watching "Friday Night Tights" Friday night on the Nerdrotic YouTube channel, a weekly roundup of all things ridiculous in the world of pop culture with a slight political tinge, and they began to show clips from the world premiere of the upcoming Marvel film, "Eternals."

Color me astonished when, literally, every single member of the cast and crew that was interviewed spoke about "representation," "inclusion," "diversity" and so little more. 

There was one comment given by an actor I've never seen or heard of before -- probably hired for that forced "diversity" quota that I just mentioned -- in which he was responding to a Variety interviewer -- who sounded like "Grover" from "Sesame Street" -- and his question about what it meant to him, a gay actor, to play someone "married to a gay superhero with a child" in the movie.

"I wish I had that as a kid growing up, to see this. My God! I wish!" Haaz Sleiman, who plays someone named "Ben" in the film, said. "And so, can you imagine how many lives this is going to be saving?! Kids, you know, young queer folk, who are either being bullied, committing suicide, not seeing themselves be represented. And now, they get to see this?"

What? A predictably shitty movie? Yeah, that's probably what he meant. I'm going to go with that.

No, we all know what he meant. Because of all the false virtue, that will somehow save lives. But, Sleiman didn't put it that way, did he?

Nope. He asked, "can you imagine how many lives this is going to save?" He didn't just say that getting donged by a superhero in Marvel movie might save lives, he wondered just how many lives would be saved because of his heroic act of being cast to play someone else going through a situation that is fictional, at least in terms of the context of this being portrayed in yet another Hollywood propaganda film.

"Can you imagine" the hubris it must take to think that some benign character's "experience" in a Marvel film is going to cure the ills of the world? These people live in such a bubble that they don't even realize they're in one...despite all the blowing going on (yeah, I made a double pun. Deal with it.). 

Statements like the one above were made one after another by each and every person that "Grover" interviewed. Man, this movie's gonna bomb. Or, at least it should.

If you want to sit through peak cringe to see for yourselves, watch below:


Sorry to put you through that. Okay, no I'm not. If I had to watch it, then misery loves company. You're welcome!

At this point, it looks as though the government is never going to stop trying to enrich their Big Pharma friends, and you will never be left alone in terms of them trying to inject you with shit.

I woke up this morning and saw an article from the Chicago Sun-Times which talks about how "federal health officials" are now saying that the vax-happy will most likely need a fourth jab. Yup, just think "Lambchop" -- "this is the song that doesn't end. Yes, it goes on and on, my friend. Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was. And they'll continue singing it forever just because."

Isn't it crazy how the lyrics to a kids song can mirror such a situation? But, it's true. Some people will continue getting their jabs, not knowing what exactly is in it, and they'll do it "forever just because" the government and establishment media tell them they need them.

(Note: To be fair, they're saying that this fourth jab is for "immunocompromised" people. But that's what they've said before until they shift the goalposts. This will be for everyone sooner than you think.)

Anyway, according to the article:

Adults with pre-existing medical conditions who have already received the Moderna or Pfizer double vaccinations and a third shot will be able to get a fourth one, federal health officials say.

“People who are moderately and severely immunocompromised may receive a total of four COVID-19 vaccine doses,” the Centers for Disease Control said in its guidelines updated Tuesday.

The CDC authorized a third dose for immunocompromised people 18 and older in August. The fourth shot should be received at least six months after the third, the CDC said. The CDC does not consider the third shots now being approved for Moderna and Pfizer vaccines as boosters.

Some medical conditions and treatments can make it difficult for immunocompromised people to build and retain immunity, resulting in the need for a fourth shot, the CDC says.

It's never going to end, folks. And the establishment doesn't understand that a lot of the people who haven't been jabbed even once still haven't because of shit like this. The ball just keeps getting pushed down the field, but the problem is that the endzone is nowhere in sight. Sadly, that's probably how the powers-that-be want it. They want to keep control over everyone, so they'll trot out some "doctor," "expert" and/or "scientist" that tell you this is what you need...for your health and safety. Oh, and don't forget the safety of others. That's paramount over self-preservation.

Look, I'm not against helping my fellow man, but there comes a time when self-preservation is more important than worrying about every germ affecting every single person everywhere in the world. I understand that helping others can often help yourself in the long run. But when is it time for people to stand up and say, "I can help others by helping myself?"

And that doesn't have to be a selfish thing, no matter how selfish it might sound. If you don't help yourself, how can you help others? 

I might be getting off on a tangent here, but stay with me. We're already talking about a fourth jab. It used to take at least five years for vaccines to get close to fully approved and effective. These are NOT vaccines at this point. These are treatments. They're immune system boosters for people with weak immune systems. Those who know better know that natural immunity is probably the best option any reasonably healthy has to fight off most infections or sicknesses. 

I'm not anti-vax, but I'm pretty anti-THIS vax. They wouldn't have had such a hard time getting people to take the damn thing if they weren't so insistent on forcing people to get it -- whether it's through threatening people's livelihoods by taking away their jobs or not.

They could tell me that all it took was one shot. Just one shot. But if they're forcing people to take it, I still wouldn't.

Now, and like many YouTubers and the like, I need to say, I'm not a medical professional. In no way am I giving any medical advice or telling anyone what to do.

If you want to wear a mask all day, wear it. If you want to take 27 shots, take them. I don't give a shit. That's your prerogative. But it's also my right not to, and no amount of coaxing is going to convince me. While you might think getting the jab is right for you, and you're perfectly entitled to think so without any fear of "shaming" from someone like me, I just don't think I need it. That's all.

This is about personal choice. Individual liberty, if you would. Not having the government, which we pay to exist, have some kind of authority over what medical procedures I undertake.

The bottom line is, today's it's the fourth jab. Who knows what else they have in their bag of tricks.

Well, that's it for this week, folks. I hope you enjoyed going through some of things that pissed me off and were particularly stupid from the week that was. Until next time, just remember, the stupid are simply entertainment for those who know better.

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